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Family Shooting Sports Day Coming to K-M

Take out your calendars and save the dates of Sept 14th – 16th, 2018.  K-M Scout Ranch will be hosting the first ever Montana Council Shooting Sports Day.  All Scouting families are invited to participate in this event.

NRA range officers will be there to conduct shooting activities for all skills levels.

Events will include BB guns, .22 rifles, black powder, shotguns, sporting clays, and long range rifle.

There will be opportunities for advancement for Scouts that would like to earn Cub Scout Shooting patches or pins, boy scouts that would like to earn their Rifle or Shotgun Merit Badges or Ventures working on their shooting awards.

There will also be opportunities for adults to shoot and even work on sighting in their rifles for the hunting season.

If firearms are not your thing, the archery range will also be available for all skill levels. Show your proficiency and try out the new 3D walking archery range. The 3D range includes a variety of targets and shooting situations to help bring a realistic feel to honing your skills.

Watch coming newsletters for more information to register and more details about this fun new event!


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