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About us

Prepared. For Life.

we will prepare them for life

It was there when man first walked on the moon. And when a president struck a blow to an iron curtain with a single speech. It was there when Scouts across the country rallied to provide relief in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. For over 112 years, it has been in the heart of every Scout who ever overcame one of life’s challenges. 

It is the value of being prepared

The core of Scouting is a statement that inspires a lifetime of character and service. As we look forward to years of Scouting achievements, we light a new fire in the next generation of Scouts. We shall instill in them the honor and integrity that comes with being a Scout. We will build their character and ensure they are prepared for something more. We will prepare them for life.

Founded in 1910 on the principles of making a difference through civic service, Scouting provides quality youth programs that build good character while building better communities. Through hands-on activities, Scouting teaches 12 core values.

Scouting builds character and community through a variety of activities including camping, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, community service projects, and more. These hands-on activities instill a sense of confidence, preparedness and honor in our kids. Scouting is welcome to all eligible youth, regardless of race, ethnic background, gender or orientation.

Founded on September 1, 1973, the Montana Council was the result of the merger of four councils (Western Montana, Yellowstone, North Central Montana and Vigilante Area Council. There are four Montana Council Camps (K-M Scout Ranch, Arcola, Melita Island and Grizzly Base). In addition, we operate the Montana Outdoor High Adventure Base (MOHAB) in partnership with the Boone and Crockett Club.

The mission of the Montana Council is to help young people make ethical and moral decisions over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

Values exemplified by 12 simple words


Separated into five diverse programs, Scouting offers a unique experience for today’s youth:

Cub Scouting
Youth Grades K – 5

Boy Scouting
Youth Ages 11 – 17

Youth Ages 14 -20

Youth Ages 14 -20

Sea Scouting
Youth Ages 14 -20

STEM Scouts
Youth Ages 14 -20