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Ideas, training and tools for a great Scout program harnessing the power of screens.

Ready for summer

Summer is HERE! Get ready for SUMMER! Here is the newest content in Screen Boosted Scouting:

  • Make a See-Through First Aid Kit for your unit using clear vinyl. This kit comes in two designs, but you can customize it for your unit. 
  • Make See-Through Personal First Aid Kits with duct tape and zip lock bags! 
  • Stay in touch with your Cub Scouts even when they are on vacation by having a virtual meeting. Fun Cub Scouting Meeting #3 is a Six-Essentials Scavenger Hunt game perfect for reviewing what to take on a hike.
  • Take the time over the summer to get trained! New virtual training class dates will soon be posted for Cub Scout Leader Training (BLAST), Committee Training, Youth Protection Training, and New Member Coordinator Training.

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upcoming live-remote classes

live-remote classes will be displayed here when they become available. 

Classes in clude:

  • Beginner Leader accelerated Success training (BLAST) for cub scout leaders
  • Committee member training for packs, troops or crews
  • new member coordinator training

Beginning Leader Accelerated Success Training (BLAST) for Cub Scout Leaders

Beginning Leader Accelerated Success Training (BLAST) gives you a new way to become trained for your Cub Scout position.

The training is two 90-min sessions.

Trainers present content that is high energy and interactive, answer your questions and show you the amazing world of Cub Scouts as a leader.

Early registrants will receive class materials by mail. All registrants will receive additional materials electronically in advance of the class as well.

Saturday, October 15 & 22, 2022

both sessions: 9:00 – 10:30 am

Committee Member Training for Packs, Troops, or Crews

An active unit committee is the difference between a Scout unit that works and one that is probably struggling.

In just one hour, you can learn how Unit Committees work and what you can do to help your Scout unit, whether you are a Committee Chair, Treasurer, Advancement, or some other role on your Pack, Troop, or Crew committee. 

Two class options are available.

Register for this training to get log-in information and receive resources from the instructor. Questions, contact Betsy Eubanks.

Friday, March 31, 2023
7:00 – 8:30 pm (Sign-in 6:50 pm)

New Member Coordinator Training

Do you like talking to people and want to help your unit but cannot be a uniformed leader right now? Perfect!

You can be the New Member Coordinator!

This is a Committee position and your job is to welcome new families to your unit and help them get comfortable as soon as possible so they enjoy the Scouting experience.

New Member Coordinator training is available anytime through the my.scouting portal, or you can take the Live Video Conference class. 

Sign-up for this training to get the log-in information, receive resources that include the agenda, and other information used in the class. If you have questions, contact Betsy Eubanks.

Thursday, December 1, 2022
7:00 – 8:15 pm (Sign-in 6:50 pm)

Merit Badge Counselor Training

Merit badges are an integral part of a Scout’s advancement and help Scouts explore potential career or hobby choices while continuing to develop confidence, social skills, and healthy lifestyles.  As a merit badge counselor, you can continue contributing to the objectives of Scouting by teaching citizenship, character, leadership and fitness (and a host of other skills)!  This training will prepare you to become a counselor and provide an overview of the merit badge process and counseling process.  We hope to add you to the growing list of available role models for our youth!

Instructor: Paul Rodgers

Wednesday, December 7, 2022
7:00 – 8:15 pm
Q&A to follow

Adult Leader Resources

Intro: Winter Wear, Sleep Systems & Using Video With Your Troop

Have Scouts who miss a meeting? Do you need parents to know what gear to purchase? Scoutmaster Katie Daughenbaugh explains how and why she uses video for some troop training and gives you two examples you can use to help get Scouts ready for winter with proper sleep systems and good winter wear.

> Winter Sleep Systems Video

> Winter Wear Video

Personal First Aid Kits

See – Through Personal First Aid Kit

Every Scout needs one. This is a useful, easy way to make a Personal First Aid kit.

See-Through First Aid Kits

If you are more than an hour from medical services, a complete group first aid kit is essential. Watch the video to see how to make a custom, see-through kit that will be perfect because you make it to fit your unit.

> Leader Resource Sheet Unit First Aid Kit

How to use google Calendar

Cammie Edgar shows you how to use Google Classroom. This is a great tool for presenting merit badges and other training.

> Google Classroom Screenshare Instructions

> Google Classroom Finale

Hooked on Scouting


The Hooked on Scouting recruiting resources include six different activities to help your membership activities. Before jumping into the detailed videos (below), watch the introduction video and review the Hooked on Scouting Leader Resource Sheet.

> Introduction Leader Resource Sheet

Catch and Release

Catch and Release is an Indoor fishing game using fish fabric designed just for Montana membership activities!  The Hooked on Scouting Introduction Video shows Scouts playing this game. The Catch and Release Video provides detailed instructions and the Leader Resource Sheet outlines materials, explanations and resources.

> Catch & Release Resource Sheet

Knots Canoe & Rope Drop Games With Tie Dye Rope

Two Rope activities give you options for any age! The Canoe Board game is played on a canvas canoe. The Object is to collect rope, tie the pieces together with a square knot, and be the first to return to camp. Rope Drop is a knot-tying competition game to learn basic scout knots with three levels to suit every age and ability. Instructions include an easy method for Scouts to “tie dye” their own rope and a resource for a Fish Tag to store the rope or help tying.

> Kots Canoe & Drop Game Sheet

Bean Bag Fish Toss Games

Use Fish Scout Law Bean Bags to play various games, including Zulu Toss, Row, Row, Row Your Boat Fish Toss, or Net Catch Fish Team Game.

> Bean Bag Fish Resources Sheet

Magnetic Bookmarks & Zipper Pulls

Catch and Release is an Indoor fishing game using fish fabric designed just for Montana membership activities!  The Hooked on Scouting Introduction Video shows Scouts playing this game. The Catch and Release Video provides detailed instructions and the Leader Resource Sheet outlines materials, explanations and resources.

> Magnetic Bookmarks & Zipper Pulls Resource Sheet

Big Fish Fun

What can you do with stuffed fish? Scouts will enjoy everything from Fish Football to Fish Simon says. These whoppers add pizzazz to your recruiting.

> Big Fish Fun Resource Sheet

Fishing for Popcorn

This is a wonderful game to play over snacks, but it also shows how popcorn can fund the scouting adventure.

(Snack idea: goldfish crackers, gummy worms, and Swedish Fish candy).

> Fishing for Popcorn Resources Sheet

Additional Cub Scout Videos & Resources

Not Just Raingutter Regatta

This activity has been a hit at day camp, community outreach, and recruiting events. This regatta uses recycled materials and pools of water rather than channels. The NJR Regatta started as an idea and the video shows how to test out a new activity before you try it with a whole group of Scouts. Then one can make adjustments from the trial.

> Leader Resource Recycled Regatta
> Cub Scout Regatta Sail Pattern


Popsicle Sticks – The Wonder Object

Watch the video to see why popsicle sticks truly are a wonder object! Popsicle sticks aren’t just for Cub Scouts either. You can use them with older scouts, and even your leaders, to make Scouting more active, efficient, and fun.

> Popsicle Sticks Resources Sheet

Fun Cub Scout Meeting #3: Six Essentials Scavenger Hunt

Watch the Video for an explanation of how to use this Jeopardy-style game for a fun scavenger hunt. This meeting would work well as a summertime activity when your Cubs might be traveling. The PowerPoint includes directions, the game, and a backup activity.

> 6 Essentials PowerPoint

“It’s Showtime: Fun Cub Scout Virtual Meeting #2”

Here is another complete Cub Scout meeting experience that gives you new things to do on-line with your Cubs and helps them prepare and deliver a show! The video shows you how to use PowerPoint and ideas to customize this for your leader’s situation.

> It’s Showtime Resource Sheet

> It’s Showtime Powerpoint

Window Clings Screen

Window clings are a removable sticker you put on windows or mirrors. This is an easy and fun project that uses minimal materials you can use in several ways. It is simple enough to do remotely with Cub Scouts and a great in-person activity.

> Window Clings Leader Resource Sheet

S’mores Fire Starters

Lighting matches can be tricky! Your Cub Scouts will have a great time practicing their match lighting skills and learn how to make a simple fire starter in this scrumptious activity.

Intro to Aquatics

A brief introduction on how to include aquatics as part of your Cub Scout programming.

Delivering Cub Scout Aquatics

Getting Cub Scouts in the water to earn an Aquatics Adventure is one of the best ways to deliver Fun with a Purpose. Too many children die in accidental drowning, which is why BSA added water and boating safety content in these elective Adventures. We have video and great resources to help you get comfortable adding Aquatics to your Den, Pack, or District.

> Aquatics Presentation

> Aquatics Resources

Scout Skills

Scout Skill Course is a fun obstacle course with a purpose. Scouts learn or review skills, run off energy, and they can do it with a buddy. The Scout Skill course is perfect for recruiting events or meetings with new Scouts to help them learn the Oath and the Law. The video tells you how to do the skill course, and the Leader Resource sheet provides all the details including a sample course. A design sheet is an additional resource for you to use to make your own Skill Course.

> Scout Skills Resources PDF

> Scout Skills Design Sheet Course PDF

Glowing Water Ceremony

Shortly after recruiting comes celebrating the rank advancement of Bobcats! This video lets you experience the ceremony and see how it is prepared. Ceremonies make Scout memories and we hope you try this one for an extra special ceremony event.

> Glowing Water Resource PDF

Talking Stick

Masks make it very hard to know who is talking. Luckily, you can use a Talking Stick to help your Cubs focus on the speaker. Talking Sticks also help teach courtesy and are easy to make. Watch the video and read the Leader Resources sheet to find out why and how to use a Talking Stick with your Cubs.

> Talking Stick Resource PDF

Cub Scout Cut Up

Did you know that even before Cubs can use a pocketknife (Bears) that there is something else Cubs can use that also “cuts”? Find out what that is and how to have a fun meeting that also lets Cubs who have their Whittling Chip get some knife practice. This meeting includes excuses to laugh too with joke telling, so you have two ways to “cut-up” with your Scouts.

> Cub Scout Cut Up PDF

Yo-Yo Adventure

Check out the preview adventure that gives Cub Scouts the opportunity to learn the concepts that make a yo-yo work and the basic physics of a pendulum. It will introduce the history of the toy and give Scouts the skills needed to get started with basic yo-yo tricks.

> Yo-Yo Resource PDF

Fun Virtual Meeting Ideas

If you are a Cub Scout Leader who is ready to try a video meeting with your den or pack, you will enjoy a pre-packaged, ready to use “Fun Cub Scout Meeting” that also includes some adventure requirements but is mostly just fun.

> Ideas for a Fun Virtual Cub Scout Meeting PowerPoint

Council Recruitment Resources

Every school and community is different and to be successful in recruiting, a variety of methods must be used.  Here is a list of some of the best practices from all over the country.  Take a look and find what will work best for your community.

National Recruitment Resources

Recruitment Ideas PDF

National Links and Resources for Cub Adventures

Scouts BSA Resources

In response to the needs of Youth Leaders in Troops and Crews, Scouting U has released two new virtual training programs for Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST), and Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews(ILSC).

These new temporary instructional training programs are available by logging onto and launching the BSA Learn Center. When the Learn Center opens you can select the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) or Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC) from Programs as applicable to you. Covering the same Learning Objectives as the face-to-face course, this course combines online and virtual components providing Troop / Crew Members an opportunity for completion in a socially distanced setting.

Training for Youth National Resource

Special Needs at Camp

Do you have a special needs Scout going to camp or do you just worry about some of your Scouts and want to make camp a great experience? You can take action to help, and this video explains those important advanced steps.

> Leader Resources Special Needs Camp Prep

Bear Spray Practice

Sandra Dogiakos introduces us to new and useful tool to help plan your Cub Program. This resource is especially useful in areas where internet connectivity can be troublesome.

> Bear Spray Resource PDF

Bloody Gloves

Blood is always good programming fun, when it is ketchup of course. Practicing taking off bloody gloves is fun and will help your Scouts be safe in the event they have contaminated gloves to remove.

William T Hornaday Award

Did you know that this rare award can be earned by Scouts and Scouters? Only about 1100 Hornaday awards have ever been earned, but what a great accomplishment to contribute to conservation and become a Hornaday recipient. Learn more and see if this is a good time to work on a long-term, outdoor focused award.

NATO Alphabet or Waffles

Scout remote calls need to be fun as well as productive, but it is easy to jump right to the “action” items and forget about the social, community building that is such an important part of Scouting. Here are two fun, social activities for Scouts BSA or Venture Scouts that work on remote calls OR during travel. One uses the NATO Alphabet in a code-decode game and the other is a group discussion and voting on things to keep, and things to vote off the planet forever.

> Waffles Resource PDF

Gardening Merit Badge

Cammie Edgar takes you through the process of how to earn the Gardening Merit Badge.  This is a two-part series that can be completed at your own pace.

> Gardening Merit Badge Finale Video

Citizenship in the world merit badge

Paul Gritz guides you through this four-part series on how to complete the Citizenship in the World Merit Badge.  This is an Eagle-required badge that help with that next step in your advancement.

Nature App

Nature apps are a great way to use technology to help Scouts learn and appreciate what they are seeing outside. These three apps, PlantNet, PlantSnap, and iNaturalist are all easy to use and free. iNaturalist also does things like identify rocks and animals, so that is handy. Read the Leader Resource Sheet for details and add one of these Nature Apps to your unit’s adventures.

> Nature App Resource PDF

Venturing Resources

Western Region VOA Open House

You are invited! We can not wait to host you all one month from today for our Western Region Venturing Open House! Save the date for November 15th! Next week will have the time and registration open!

Open House Registration

Venturers on the Hunt

We are excited to announce our Western Region VOA Event: Venturers on the Hunt!

This will be a socially distant in-person/virtual photo safari event. You are more than welcome to sign up with a Venturing Crew or solo! Registration is open from Oct. 17 to Nov. 14th with the link below. Our event will begin Nov. 16th following the Western Region VOA Open House!

Hunt Registration

Venturing – Fun Meeting Ideas

Looking for some creative ideas for upcoming meetings and activities? In this video, Dylan will share a few fun ideas with you that are rooted in Venturing’s ALPS Model. Adventure is going out into the world and stepping outside of your comfort zone; leadership is about leading and mentoring others; personal growth is about improving as an individual and as a team; and service, quite simply, is the gift we give others.

How & Why to be Enthusiastic about Meeting Virtually 1.0

Dylan Notturno explains why virtual meetings are needed in today’s Venturing Program, how to be enthusiastic about it, and shares some great resources to make it easy and fun.

How & Why to be Enthusiastic about Meeting Virtually 2.0

This is the second video of a two-part video series dedicated to providing Venturers and Venturing Advisors with tips and tricks to improve their Venturing experience. Specifically, how to make use of SMART Goals and reorienting the group to complete short and long-term planning. In turn, you and your Crew will maximize your productivity so that you’re best prepared to tackle your favorite activities once you’re able to

Merit Badges

Signs, Signals, and Codes Virtual Merit Badge

When telephones stop working, and regular communication fails – Scouts can still get a message across if they have the know-how! The Signs, Signals, and Codes Merit Badge gives Scouts the opportunity to explore different ways of transmitting information such as Morse Code, Signal Flags, and even Braille. Class is limited to 50 Scouts. Full class information and registration provided on the Signs Signals and Codes information sheet.

Hosted by Northwest District

  • All youth, ages 11-17, in Montana Council, Scouts BSA
  • Thursday, April 1 & 15, 6 p.m. on ZOOM.
  • FREE to all youth in Scouts BSA