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FALL 2022

Annual council Popcorn Sale

We are happy to announce we have a new Popcorn Vendor for Montana Council – Pecatonica River Popcorn

Order Through Nov. 20, 2022

Online orders can be made through the Pecatonica River website. At checkout, an order can be attributed to a Scout through their Seller ID. If you do not have a Scout to support, use the code: 60SYHL and Montana Council will receive the donation.

Over the past 27+ years, Montana Scouts have sold more popcorn per Scout than any other Boy Scout Council in America.

Montanans are generous. Selling popcorn is about more than popcorn, it’s about supporting thousands of young men and women across the state and helping them fund their adventure. 

Find Popcorn In Your Area

Want to know more or be connected with a Scout or unit in your area? Reach out through the form below.

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