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Commissioner Corps Recognitions

Tom Russell, Council Commissioner, presented the commissioner awards to a group of capable and deserving commissioners who serve the units of the Montana Council.

The first recognition given was the Arrowhead Honor Award. This is the first award a commissioner can receive upon completing a few years of service, training and working with its units consistently.

Those recognized were:
• Jeff Green
• Craig Haynes
• Todd Malone
• Keith McAtee
• Tim Patterson
• Marcus Sanman

The next recognition was the Commissioner Key. This is based on at least three years of sustained superior performance by a commissioner.

Those recognized were:
• Jeff Green
• Craig Haynes
• Todd Malone
• Randl Ockey
• Rick Silva

The last recognitions awarded were the Distinguished Commissioner award and Doctorate level studies in the College of Commissioner Science.

The requirements for Distinguished Commissioner award is earn the Commissioner Key, tenure as a commissioner for five consecutive years and conduct nine roundtable meetings since this recipient has been the District Roundtable Commissioner.

The recipient of this award is Tony Pecarina.

The Doctorate in the College of Commissioner Science requires participation in courses for the Bachelors, Masters, Post Graduate and Doctorate level as well as a number of other position specific courses. The recipient also requires a thesis, the subject this recipient wrote on was a Guide for LDS Leaders to Understanding and Using the LDS Scouting Handbook.

The recipient is none other than Randl Ockey.

Congratulations to all of our outstanding commissioners!


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