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Order of the Arrow Centurion Award Recognitions

During the awards luncheon of the Annual convention, seven outstanding Arrowmen were recognized for their service to the Apoxky-Aio Lodge with the Centurion Award.

Lodge Adviser Tom Burkhart and Lodge Chief Cooper Gagne presented the awards. Tom explained to those in attendance that 2015 marked the 100th Anniversary of Scouting’s National Camping Society, the Order of the Arrow. As one of the commemoration of the centennial each lodge was asked to nominate up to 8 outstanding Arrowmen who have made long lasting contributions to their lodge and Scouting to receive the Centurion Award.

Individuals were nominated for their contributions as either a youth or adult and all nominees had to be living at the time of nomination and award. Tom mentioned from his perspective you would not find a finer group of Arrowmen from any lodge within the BSA.

Each of the awardees is a Vigil Honor member and has received the Founders Award giving further indication of their dedication and contributions to the Order and Scouting.

Those recognized were:
• Dan Moore
• Loren Brown
• Chuck Eubank
• James Burkhart
• Josey Quinones
• Drew Burkenpas
• Fred Flint


Tom left the podium with this last note, with Arrowmen such as these providing outstanding examples for our youth and young Arrowmen, the future of the Order of the Arrow and Scouting is indeed bright.

Congratulations to Apoxky-Aio and Montana Council’s Centurion Award recipients!


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