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What Will Be Your Legacy?

I attended a funeral today. It was presented with full military honors. As I stood there listening to the accomplishments of a warrior, a leader and a Scouter of over 50 years, I also heard the sounds of children playing outside across the street at a local daycare.

They would have no idea of what this man had accomplished for God, our country, our community and Scouting.  Not many would. Certainly, they would not know his achievements through years of service in the Boy Scouts of America. But I do.

Will the Boy Scouts of American continue to find volunteers to help the next generation? Will there be those among us who know the value of this program and choose to support it? I know the answer is yes.

You see, despite the rhetoric in the national news, despite the pointing of fingers and the blame and anger, there will always be those who chose to make a mark on the next generation. There will be leaders today who help leaders of tomorrow become citizens of character and values.

And you know what? They tend to find us or re-connect with us. They become that difference in the life of a young man or woman.

Some things are inevitable – programs change, costs go up and things don’t look like they did 50 years ago. If you inspect closer, you will see that we still accomplish the same thing – we turn youth into better adults.

Even though we sometimes feel like we are under the weight of a very large shoe, membership is up in September 2019.  By month-end, we served more youth than we did at the end of September last year.

We are not done yet.

What will be your legacy? Will someone sitting in my chair 50 years from now attend your funeral, thinking of all you have given to others and celebrate a good life? I think the answer is yes.

Thank you for all your support of Scouting. Great people, young and old, is what this organization has always been about.

In good Scouting,

Jory Dellinger
Deputy Scout Executive


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