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Webelos Can Camp!

As young boys have a great desire for outdoor fun, excitement, and adventure, most boys join Cub Scouting because of the outdoor activities.

Webelos have a natural curiosity about their surroundings, especially the world out-of-doors.

Introducing these boys to the fun and adventure of Scouting in the outdoors will benefit them as they mature through the program.

Through camping, their participation and enthusiasm will grow and help them to continue into Boy Scouting and beyond.

Every pack’s annual plan should include a plan for their Webelos to attend a Council resident camp.

Council camps are directed by qualified, trained leaders and provide an ideal setting for Webelos to experience the great outdoors.

Camping is fun, and it’s good for your mind, body, and spirit. It helps you learn to rely on yourself – on your own skills and knowledge. When you go camping as a Cub Scout, you get skills you will learn and use as a Boy Scout.

Montana Council offers two Webelos camping opportunities, one in the east and one in the west. Dates and registration can be accessed from either of the two pages on the council website.

K-M Scout Ranch:
K-M Scout Ranch Webelos Camp

Grizzly Base:
Grizzly Base Webelos Camp

Registration is open now, so get your Webelos Den registered for its summer adventure.