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Venturing: Place & Terminology

*  This is Part Two of a four-part series, Venturing Educational Campaign, exploring the basics of the Venturing program.
Part One – Basics of Venturing: Introduction & Purpose
Part Three – Venturing: Awards & Influence
Part Four – Venturing: Personal Experience & How To Join


Since its inception 22 years ago, Venturing has served as a place for older Scouts to pursue a large variety of activities. Although not easily defined, Venturing’s purpose is to provide positive experiences to its participants – to enable each Venturer to lead their adventure as they mature and enter adulthood.

In addition to the ALPS Model, the older-youth program has another aspect that sets it apart: its fluidity.

Venturing is designed and implemented by and for its participants. Venturers are the leaders, and they are the ones who dictate the course of their journey.

There are adult advisors and guiding principles that support each Venturer, enabling each of them to take ownership of their experience. The underlying tone of Venturing is that it is youth-led and youth-inspired.

* For more in-depth information, watch the accompanying podcast below.

Crew members work together to identify their interests and then structure the program around their collective wants and desires. Whether they choose to go backpacking, provide community service, play board games, focus on advancement – or any other activity – Venturers will choose the path that pertains to their hobbies and passions.

Although it’s not linear compared to other programs in the Boy Scouts of America, Venturing is a fantastic place to try new things and make new friends. Venturers can participate in Scouting until they turn 21, which allows them to continue developing their skills as they enter adulthood.

Venturing’s combination of Scouting values and flexibility creates an environment without limit. A Venturing Crew’s options are infinite, and their journeys together are rich.

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Because of the different programs and subgroups in the Boy Scouts of America, there can be some confusion regarding the correct terminology of the Venturing program.

Participants of the Venturing program are called “Venturers,” not “Venture Scouts.”

In the past, high-adventure, older scout patrols within Scouts BSA Troops were commonly referred to as “Venture Patrols,” which has been confused with Venturing. Not only are participants of the Venturing program separate from Scouts BSA, but the word “Venture” is not used.

Since Venturers have their own program, they also have their own units. A unit is called a “Venturing Crew,” not “Venture Crew” or “Venture Troop.” Venturing is a co-ed program – and has been since beginning in 1998 – but unlike Scouts BSA and Cub Scouts, the units can be co-ed, too.

In Venturing, an individual over 21 is called a “Venturing Advisor,” not “Venture Advisor” or “Venturing Leader.” Since Venturing is youth-led and youth-inspired, adults are not the leaders.

There is no official uniform in the Venturing program, as Venturing Crews have the liberty to choose their uniform because of the program’s inherent flexibility. The recommended uniform, though, consists of a green shirt, gray pants, and gray socks.

A great way to remember the correct terminology for Venturing is by using “Venturing” to refer to program aspects. For example: Venturing Crew, Venturing uniform, and Venturing training. Whereas participants are referred to as “Venturers.”

Overall, the Venturing program differs from the others spanning from its branding to its focus. But despite those differences, Venturers are Scouts. They make the Scout sign and salute with three fingers and live by the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives.

– Article by: Dylan Notturno

Venturing Educational Campaign
Part One – Basics of Venturing: Introduction & Purpose
Part Three – Venturing: Awards & Influence
Part Four – Venturing: Personal Experience & How To Join

Stay tuned for Parts Three and Four of the Venturing Educational Campaign articles and podcasts.

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