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Basics Of Venturing: Introduction & Purpose

*  This is Part One of a four-part series, Venturing Educational Campaign, exploring the basics of the Venturing program.
Part Two – Venturing: Place & Terminology
Part Three – Venturing: Awards & Influence
Part Four – Venturing: Personal Experience & How To Join

One of the most inspiring revelations one can have about the Scouting movement is how far its reach extends. Scouting continues to leave a strong, noticeable mark on people, from all walks of life, all across the globe.

For over 100 years, young people have prepared to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes because of the values of the Scout Oath and Law instilled in them. Typically, our organization is recognized for Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA. There are other Scouting programs, however, including Venturing.

Venturing is a co-ed program for individuals 14-20 years of age. Although it is steadily gaining traction within the Scouting community, many are unfamiliar with the purpose of Venturing, its place in Scouting, its terminology, its Awards, its influence, and how to join.

This Venturing Education Campaign will cover all of the previously mentioned topics, in four parts, to provide insight into a program that educates, inspires and guides countless youth.

* For more in-depth information, watch the accompanying podcast below.

Venturing came about in 1998 due to the reorganization of the Exploring program. All career-oriented units continued through the revamped Exploring program while all other units, including those that were outdoor-oriented, became known as Venturing.

Over the years, the program evolved. In 2014, Venturing adopted its current motto, “Lead the Adventure,” which has stood as a guiding force for Venturers and their activities.

The purpose of Venturing can be defined in many ways. Although there is no limit to what a Venturing Crew may choose to do with their time, there are guiding principles that enable the Venturers to gain valuable skills from the experience.

In particular, there are four main areas of emphasis: Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth and Service. These four areas are collectively known as the “ALPS Model.” They are at the core of every action and thought.

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Adventure is the key to Venturing. It is about having the courage to begin and the maturity to embark on a journey. Potentially one that is into the unknown. Venturers always keep this sense of adventure at the forefront of their minds as they pursue their interests.

Leadership develops through training, mentoring and hands-on leadership. Leading is not simply a position required for advancement, it is for the benefit of the Crew and the success of their activities. Personal growth is a product of these experiences.

Over time, as Venturers expand their horizons, they discover more about themselves. It helps them identify and develop their talents and abilities. This growth helps prepare them for life’s many challenges. And finally, service: Simply put, it is the gift we give others.

Although Venturers are also Scouts, their program differs from the rest because of these four areas of emphasis. The ALPS Model is a framework and guide to ensure that they get the most out of their activities. The path ahead is not always easily defined, nor is it always an easy one to traverse.

Venturing’s areas of emphasis equip each Venturer with the mindset that they need to be adventurous, to take action when necessary, and to be service-oriented. As a result, they will take their future into their own hands.

– Article by: Dylan Notturno

Venturing Educational Campaign
Part Two – Venturing: Place & Terminology
Part Three – Venturing: Awards & Influence
Part Four – Venturing: Personal Experience & How To Join

Stay tuned for Parts Three and Four of the Venturing Educational Campaign articles and podcasts.

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