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Three Recognized At Growth Conference

Congratulations to District Executives Sandra Dogiakos (Lewis & Clark District), Scott Jourdonnais (Mullan Trail and Bitterroot Districts) and Dave Snyder (Buffalo Plains & Central Districts) on being recognized at the 2020 Growth Conference for their 2019 year-end membership growth.

Leadership 60 Growth Conference is a unique event recognizing outstanding success in membership recruitment and provides opportunities for high-performing professionals to share best practices in growing the Scouting movement.

Having three district executives from one council, out of the top 60 in the region, is impressive and certainly worthy of applause.

“It is humbling to have our districts recognized for the efforts of the volunteers and professional staff in meeting and exceeding their membership goals,” said Scott Jourdonnais. “And it was an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded professionals.”

The event consisted of various presentations by National Directors of Membership, Cub Scouts, Scouts, BSA, Exploring, and Marketing. Topics included the latest membership strategies, research, trends and initiatives directly from the BSA’s top leadership.

“The Marketing and Branding presentation was my favorite part of the event,” wrote Sandra Dogiakos in a personal recap of the event.  “The big takeaways were: more parents than ever are finding out about Scouts through their mobile devices and social media, potential Scout parents are more likely to join if they have a meaningful conversation with unit leaders, and each units’ digital footprint needs to be managed.”

“The conference was a great opportunity for me and I hope to bring more of what I learned home,” she added. Read her full post.

Congratulations to our district executives and thank you, to each volunteer and staff member who worked hard to surpass the goals.

*Photo by Steve Dogiakos


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