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SE Corner: We Will Remember

A Scout's Nonprofit Exemplifies Scouting's Impact

I recently attended the National Annual Meeting and Scout Executive Summit in Atlanta, GA.  

I left for Atlanta on Memorial Day, which was difficult for me as I usually spend that day reflecting on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect all we have. It left me feeling strange to be traveling on such a day. I still wear a fallen soldier bracelet for one of my Star scouts who drove his Humvee into an IED to protect others near him. I can think of no greater service.

During the closing ceremony of the Americanism breakfast, an event hosted by the National Eagle Scout Association, the emcee mentioned a 13-year-old Scout named Connor who started a non-profit organization called We Will Remember. The purpose of his non-profit is to remember those Americans who gave their lives for their country and countrymen and didn’t return home. 

Connor started making custom dog tags with the name, rank, branch of service, and war of those who died, along with the hashtag #wewillrmember. 

On the We Will Remember website, Connor says he is, “… asking people to carry the tag or put it someplace that they can see it. That way someone is saying the servicemember’s name, praying for them or just being actively thankful for the gift that they gave all of us with their service and sacrifice.”

Connor does not sell these dog tags, he gives them away.

As part of the closing, each attendee received a dog tag. Mine is in memory of Corporal Charles J. Fast, U.S. Army from Brown, MN Who gave his life during the Korean War on September 3, 1950. We will remember.  

I don’t know about you, but I don’t ever have to look far to find Scouts that do amazing things. This is another prime example. Scouting has weathered some significant trials and I’m sure it will weather more. 

Here’s the deal. What we all do is important. It is more than important, it is imperative.  

It isn’t hard for me to pay my annual dues when I realize there are a million young people like Connor. To Connor, thank you for what you are doing and for your gift to me. I promise that I will remember Corporal Fast forever.

Have a great summer of adventures and thank you for all you do for Scouting!

Yours in Scouting,

Jory Dellinger
Scout Executive & CEO


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