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Popsicles, Fun, and Scout Recruiting

July 13, 2023 Mountain Valley District Community Event

Several years ago, Mountain Valley had a summer family fun event at Lindley Park that was both wildly successful and a disaster. We are trying to create the successful part with our upcoming July 13 Popsicles in the Park event. We had at least 300 people show up for the last July event. It was an outdoor movie, with popcorn and we had an activity, although I can’t remember what it was because of the disaster part of the event.

We had a great outdoor movie screen and good sound, but the projector was not bright enough to show the movie in the light conditions that exist in Montana in early July. We we had to wait until dusk at nearly 9:30 to start the movie. Little kids kept following me around asking, “When will the movie start?” It was just traumatic to have to wait until that late in the evening.

But, what we learned from families who came is in July they are looking for something fun to do that doesn’t cost money, that appeals to the whole family, and takes advantage of the outdoors. For this year’s event, Popsicles in the Park, we have many different activities planned such as a DIY obstacle course, a Not Just Raingutter Regatta Recycled Boat activity, popsicle stick craft, and even a puppet stage to play with.

None of these things require the sun to set, and the family-friendly hours of 4:30 – 7:30 pm will work for many ages. We hope that, just like last time, the event is shared on Facebook, and we get a great turnout so we can share Scouting with the community, and maybe even recruit a new scout or two. That would be wonderful, but it will be a win if we simply host an event that leaves everyone smiling and thinking well of Scouting here in Mountain Valley District. Of course, we will have popsicles for all!

We hope many Scouts come, and please spread the word to family and friends.


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