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SE Corner: Service To Others

Hello Scouts, Scouters and Friends,

I sincerely hope you are getting the opportunity to enjoy some of the warmest Montana days and be outside with family and friends.

As I write this to you today, I am preparing to go work on an Eagle Scout project with someone quite special to me – my son.

It is surreal to think what must be going through his mind and to reflect back to my own project some 25 years ago.  It always impresses me when a young man takes on such a significant task among his peers.

To all that have gone through this process – we thank you and we are proud of you!

We can sometimes get caught up in all that the world throws at us and surrounds us with. It is critically important that we pause from time to time to remember all that we stand for, all those that help make the work happen and all the good that comes of that work.

Think for a moment about all the beneficiaries of Scouting’s service. Not just Eagle Scout projects, but every minute logged by a Scout or Volunteer. WOW! That is an immeasurable amount of service to others.

In this edition of the newsletter, Julie Evans, our Development Director takes a moment to show you how to log that service into the online system.  It is important that we do so. Not because it helps on your Journey to Excellence Scorecard, but because it makes our organization and youth members significant to others.

We are easily forgotten in the good times, yet so much good is accomplished every day. We are Scouts and it is what we do!

Scouting can sometimes be overwhelming, as many volunteer opportunities are. I remind us all to pause, think and reflect.  The GOOD you do will never be overshadowed.

Have a great summer and Do a Good Turn Daily.

In Scouting Spirit,

Jory Dellinger
Interim Scout Executive


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