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SE Corner: Hello, And Happy New Year!

This Year, Let's Get Involved & Remember Health Is Importantx

Greetings from the Montana Council,

As you have probably heard by now, 2023 was another fantastic year for the Montana Council. 

Among our accomplishments, we continued membership growth for the second consecutive year. Beyond fundraising and the exciting capital projects at Camp Melita Island and K-M Scout Ranch, membership is truly the thing that I’m most proud of. 

I know I am preaching to the choir mentioning the importance of membership growth. We all know what Scouting is and what it does. But that is only the case when we work tirelessly to grow membership and expose more young people to the program and to the exceptional people who volunteer for us. 

As we move into 2024, I once again implore all of us to push membership. Talk to friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family.  Scouting will continue to thrive, but only if we all lean into the harness.

In many articles about happiness and success in life, authors point out that we all need to be part of something bigger – a direction, a cause, a movement. This organization thrives because of the quality and drive of our volunteers. The more volunteers we have, the better the machine runs. 

If you are reading this and sitting behind the scenes, I would encourage you to raise your hand. Come and engage with a local unit, the local District Committee, or our Board of Directors. See what fulfillment can be brought to your life by being part of the largest youth movement in the history of the world! 

I can honestly say that the best people I have met in my life are the ones involved in Scouting. I think you find the same. Furthermore, it is always rewarding to be on a winning team – and the Montana Council is all that.

Lastly, I wish you good health. Many illnesses are going around these days, from the common cold and flu to more serious symptoms of depression. People seem to have a nature deficit, are quick to react negatively or have a general desire to keep from engaging with others. These things are not healthy for us or the rest of the community. Should you be experiencing any of these symptoms, I wish you an easy and rapid recovery. 

The world is a better place when we smile more and judge less.

Thanks again for a terrific year and for helping make 2024 even better. My best to you and your families as we continue to move the bar in Montana. From the bottom of my heart – Thank you!

Yours in Scouting,

Jory Dellinger
Scout Executive & CEO


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