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All I Can Say Is, “Thank You”

The Council Is In Good Hands

To all my Montana Council Friends –

As of December 31, I have stepped down as your Council Commissioner and am honored to move to the National Territory #2 Commissioner-Elect position.

Reflecting on the past five and half years, I can say that the Council Commissioner role has been quite a ride. The commissioner service team can be proud of their accomplishments. Together, we established a new level of trust between our council and districts, engaged with more unit leadership than before, increased our numbers, and met national and council standards in just about every area of commissioner responsibility.

I am eager to announce Scott Hooper as my successor. I have known Scott since he moved to Montana from Europe, where he served as the Trans-Atlantic Council Commissioner. I can honestly say that the council and the commissioner service team are in terrific hands going forward. Scott brings a ton of experience servicing a council that is “slightly” bigger than Montana.

So, thank you all for the support you have shown me and the commissioner team. As I have said, nothing in Scouting should be considered a “life sentence”. And so it is with your (past) council commissioner. I have enjoyed meeting many of you during my many trips around the state – which is a bonus to the job – and seeing our youth in action at our great camps. This council has given me opportunities I am not sure I would have had otherwise. For that, and the many other reasons, I am very grateful.

I am sure we will meet along the trail.

Gary Ely
Commissioner-Elect NST #2


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