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SE Corner: Conversations Lead To Understanding

When People Are Curious, We Get To Be Ambassadors Of Scouting

Many of you may not realize that the Montana Council has hosted donors on fly-fishing experiences for more than 15 years. These events have been rewarding and are proven to be a good way to keep folks engaged with the Montana Council, both educationally and financially.

Our most recent experience took place on the Missouri River, near Craig. The council hosted eight people and we were joined by four others that were unaffiliated. During our combined dinners each evening, the unaffiliated group would often ask about Scouting – some relating back to their own experiences and all asking about Scouting today and its impacts.

During the last day of fishing, we were paired with a fishing guide who mentioned that he was an Eagle Scout. Over the course of the day, he questioned my fishing partner and me about Scouting today – why the girls, how does that work? What about the lawsuit? New merit badges and is summer camp still a thing? What about the OA?

I am often struck by just how little the rest of the world knows about Scouting today. For sure, some of the accountability lies with them. Access to information is more readily available now than at any time in the life of the human race. It’s also up to us to be ambassadors.

And I am just as impressed by how quickly folks snap to the reality that Scouting remains a positive force in the lives of young people. It doesn’t take long to get the conversation back to laser focus on what we do, why it works and just how important our work is.

The truth is, we are surrounded by people that not only understand but support all that you are doing. We are bigger than sports, stronger as an organization and more cheered on by the masses than we realize. 

Our units are working hard and, supported by staff and districts, are building membership. We have had eight months of membership growth! Popcorn is going strong and there is much buzz about Scouting throughout our communities.

I am looking forward to a great final quarter of 2022. I am overwhelmed with all the support you have given and continue to provide to the youth of our communities. Scouting is strong in Montana and you all have a part in that success.

Thank you, God Bless and way to go! You are the difference between morality and depravity and I couldn’t be more proud.

At your service,

Jory Dellinger
Scout Executive


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