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Scouts’ Night Out Challenge

Out of safety and necessity, we have all been spending more time than usual indoors and in front of our computer screens or phones. This summer, we challenge you to get off the couch, turn off the computer, get outside and have some fun during our Scouts’ Night Out Challenge. 

How it works:

On the selected night during June, July and August 2020, units are encouraged to – safely and within the current pandemic guidelines – complete an event or activity centered around the following themes:

June 25, 2020:  A Scouts’ Night Out: Cheerful Service. Units are encouraged to take part in civic, community service, or patriotic events.

July 23 – 16, 2020:  A Scouts’ Night Out: Nothing But Scouting Fun in the Outdoors. Units are encouraged to take part in events that showcase our amazing outdoor landscape including hikes, summer camp, etc.

August 27 – 30, 2020:  A Scouts’ Night Out: Oh, the Places We Go. Units are encouraged to visit a state or national park or historical landmark or site.

Units then submit their best picture of the activity along with a brief description to the Council. 

Challenge other units! Units that participate in all three (3) events will receive a cool certificate and flag ribbon and may be featured on the council websites and other social media. 

Challenge other districts! The district that has the greatest unit participation in all three (3) events will be recognized by the council and will have to defend their bragging rights in 2021.

The unit that has the greatest participation in all three events in each program (Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Exploring) and that recruits at least three new members, as a result, will receive special recognition and prize at the 2021 Annual Convention.

A reminder, during this event, we also need to be cautious and aware of the current pandemic guidelines. There are many opportunities, however, to participate in each month’s activities. And if it can be done safely under the current guidelines, we encourage Scouts to bring a friend and introduce them to Scouting. This could be a great way to share the benefits of Scouting with others in the community.

How to enter:

The proof is in the pictures. Take and submit as many photos as you like to the council. With all submissions, please make sure to add your unit information and a brief description of the event or activity. (As much of who, what, when, where and why as possible.)

Images can be submitted by:

  • Emailing or – Please add “Scouts’ Night Out Challenge” in the subject line.
  • Tag us @montanacouncil or direct message us on Instagram and use the hashtag #ScoutsNightOut20
  • Tag us on Facebook or Instagram @MontanaCouncil and use the hashtag #ScoutsNightOut20 (Please use the hashtag. If you’re not sending images to us directly, this is how we’ll see your submission.)
  • Publish your photos and stories in local publications (news publications and/or in-house unit or district publications). Please provide a link or copy of the publication.
  • Scouts who introduce a friend to Scouting during the monthly event will receive a bonus point per friend.
  • “Competitors” are challenged to participate in the events from the date posted through the following weekend.  (We want to get outside!)
  • The deadline for photo submissions is one week from the challenge date. Exceptions will be made for long term camp, high adventure, backpacking, etc., at the discretion of the judges. Please be as specific as possible in your submissions.

Please follow up with us if you have questions by emailing Jason Kovnesky,


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