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A Salute To Webelos

I would like to offer a salute to Webelos!

This past week, K-M Scout Ranch ran two Webelos Resident Camp sessions. The feedback has been tremendous.

Our young Scouts had an incredible time and learned many things. Mostly – they had fun. Never before have we seen so many positive comments from one of our camps. Across multiple areas, our staff averaged a rating of 4.8 out of 5. This is truly spectacular!

This salute comes in multiple parts. First, I salute youth themselves and their parents’ willingness to allow the adventure to happen. Secondly, a salute to the staff and volunteers who made it happen.

Our staff at K-M this year is second to none. They exhibit exemplary leadership, vision and service – including a willingness to serve amid risks to themselves.

A salute, also, to the volunteers who are willing to bring and be with our young people. Thank you for making a difference that will last a lifetime. Your enthusiasm, spirit and compassion cannot be overstated.

You see, that is why Scouting is so strong in Montana. We are surrounded by amazing resources and amazing people willing to go above and beyond to give every youth the chance to succeed and enjoy life.

If I had one wish, it would be to go back and live my Scouting years over again with the knowledge of what it takes to make programs like this work.

I would have said, “Thank you,” to my leaders dozens of times a day. You make a difference and it matters!

Stay healthy,

Jory Dellinger
Deputy Scout Executive

A few of the many Thank You notes we received from excited and happy Webelos.


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