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Putting The Outing In Scouting

We have all heard the phrase, “You can’t have scouting without the outing.” There is no better place to make that happen than at a resident summer camp, the pinnacle of every Scout’s yearly adventure.

It is the Council’s goal to give every Scout a chance to attend a summer camp. To help make this possible I would like to share two important resources.

First is the Provisional Troop Program. 

This program is designed to help Scouts attend camp who might night have the opportunity with their home unit.

Perhaps there is not enough adult leadership to take them, or maybe their troop is going during a week they cannot attend, or possibly they would just like to take in an extra week of camp and earn a few more merit badges.

Whatever the reason, we have a plan.

During week three of K-M Scout Ranch’s camping season, we will provide Scoutmasters to watch over a provisional troop. Any boy from any troop is welcome to participate and there is no requirement for a parent or other Scout leader to attend.

There is not an extra fee to be part of this program so just regular camp fees apply. Applications can be found on the K-M page of the Montana Council Web at:

The second resource is the Camp Scholarship Fund.

Every Troop probably has a Scout who would love to go to camp but may not have the financial resources.

Please don’t let this be the hurdle that is keeping them from camp.

The Council has some funds that have been donates and specifically set aside to help boys go to camp. Typically, we offer scholarships in the amount of one half of the camp fees, but exceptions can be made and would be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you know of a young man that fall into this category, please have him fill out a scholarship application that can be found on the Council web site at:

We are striving hard to make summer camp accessible to all scouts, please look at the boys in your unit and help us provide them with this important opportunity.  See you at camp!

Shon Ostler
Program Director


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