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Scout Executive Corner

Dear Scouting Friends,

Good grief! Campaign 2016 was without a doubt the strangest, most contentious presidential campaign and election I can remember. The process seemed longer and more exhausting than ever before. That said, November 8th finally arrived. We Americans voted and a new president was elected. You may have been thrilled or deeply disappointed by the results. Still, the election was conducted and our government and country continues on.

The Boy Scouts of America from its early days has strongly promoted participating citizenship. Scouts of the past went door to door in their local neighborhoods to “get out the vote”. At the same time, Scouting has always maintained a strict non-partisan policy – fully supporting our system of government, but never endorsing a particular candidate or issue. Within our ranks we have conservatives, liberals and progressives, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents – you name it.

So, the election is over and the results are in. Where do we go from here? What should post-election Scouting look like?

I say keep on Scouting! The need for a program that instills character and confidence, builds leadership, and fosters duty to God and country in young people, has never been greater. The values expressed in the Scout Oath and Law remain fresh and relevant – a great guide for good living. Our country and our world cry out for leaders who are prepared, and who embrace and encourage these values. Scouting matters!

Montana Scouters – as you help even one Scout to grow strong and true, we make our country and the world a better place – your dedication and investment in our youth makes all the difference!

Yours in Scouting,

Gordon Rubard
Scout Executive/CEO



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