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Eat Wings, Raise Funds

On December 7th Buffalo Wild Wings will be hosting a STATE WIDE “Eat Wings, Raise Funds” fundraiser for the Montana Council.

On the day of our event, Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 20% of sales from redeemed coupons to the Montana Council. Lunch or dinner, we hope you’ll enjoy not only a fun time out with friends and family, but also help support the Boy Scouts of America.

Below, please download and distribute the appropriate coupons for your area. Distribute to everyone you know. The more people you invite, the more money we will raise.

The only rule is that you cannot pass out these coupons at the restaurant. Also, please note that not everyone at a table has to have a coupon as long as they are part of the group dining with someone that has a coupon.

We thank you for your continued support of this invaluable organization and the thousands of kids in our great state.  Hope to see you on the 7th!!

Buffalo Wild Wings Coupon: Black Otter

Buffalo Wild Wings Coupon: Lewis & Clark

Buffalo Wild Wings Coupon: Mullan Trail

Buffalo Wild Wings Coupon: Mountain Valley

Buffalo Wild Wings Coupon: Northwest

Buffalo Wild Wings Coupon: Prickly Pear

Buffalo Wild Wings Coupon: Vigilante


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