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Mountain Man Adventure Comes to K-M

Almost every Scouting unit has one or two boys that are veterans to Scout camp. They have earned most of the merit badges they need and have no desire to take another badge class, but they maintain their love of the great outdoors and want to go to camp.

Our Mountain Man Adventure is designed to connect with exactly this type of Scout. Boys in this program will have an opportunity to experience some high adventure outings and put to work all the Scouting skills they have learned in the past. They will get to spend two days in our ATV program with an ATV certification class and then an overnight ATV trek with a campout in the Kendall ghost town.

Then it’s off for a two-day river trek down the Missouri River. To finish off the week, boys will spend a day thirty feet above the ground, challenging themselves and their minds on our newly finished high C.O.P.E. course. This adventure is only for truly skilled Scouts.


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