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Montana Summer Camps: United Together

Webelos Are Coming

The first group to be a part of the 2020 camping season at K-M Scout Ranch will be the council Webelos Scouts.

Webelos Scouts from across Montana will arrive on July 5, 2020, for three days of fun and adventure with the second session of Webelos arriving on Wednesday, July 8.

This year Scouts will be focusing on Activity Badges that are outdoor centered.  Events will feature swimming, archery, shooting as well as many other exciting activities.

Montana Council Camps: United Together

The uniting of the four council camps (K-M Scout Ranch, Camp Melita Island, Grizzly Base and MOHAB) this summer provides a tremendous opportunity to assemble the top quality staff.

Camp Melita Island and K-M Scout Ranch aquatics staff will be developing the aquatics program with exciting programs from both camps.

The MOHAB team is joining us to manage the river treks and add a new dimension to the older Scout program.

We have added a fourth week to the Scout camping season because of the demand.

If you are considering coming to camp or planning on attending a camp that has closed, join us this summer as Montana Council camps are united together!


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