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Message From Council President Greg Beach

What is unique about our council & what makes it a success story.

Clearly, no one individual builds or runs an organization.  It takes a team effort and the number one reason that the Montana Council is successful is that we operate as a TEAM! 

People want to be a part of a TEAM that is dynamic and successful and we recruit and retain members with different temperaments and talents because we make it FUN to be involved in Scouting! 

The Montana Council Board of Directors and all of our volunteers, complemented by our excellent professional staffers, are passionate about delivering a quality Scouting program to the youth that we serve.  Our volunteers and board members come from all walks of life and bring their own unique skill-sets and talents that combined, become greater than the sum of the parts. 

Our board members come from all walks of life- we have business owners, people from the legal profession, bankers, doctors, scientists, educators, professional foresters, retired military and community citizens – representing hundreds or years of Scouting experience.

How do we deliver on the Promise that is Scouting?

It starts with a long-range vision, followed up by a carefully thought-out financial plan.  Our Board of Directors sets the tone and the direction of the Montana Council and our Scout Executive and Deputy Scout Executive execute the plan.

A few of our areas of emphasis for the Montana Council are as follows:


  • The Montana Council offers world-class Scout camps that are fun, exciting and that kids want to attend. We fully expect that once the COVID-19 issues have been resolved, kids from all over the county will be flocking to Montana to attend Scout camps.   

    We often say, “if You Build it They Will Come”.  Well, we have built it and kids will no doubt come to Montana for a world class scout experience!  K-M Scout Camp, Melita Island, Grizzly Base Camp, Montana Outdoor High Adventure Base and Camp Arcola all showcase the best that Scouting and the great state of Montana has to offer — and Montana has a lot to offer! 

    At our camps, a Scout can experience everything from wilderness hiking, camping, shooting, archery, fishing, sail boating, rafting, kayaking, ATV adventures, and much more.


Our marketing theme – Team 315 – has been a fantastic success!  A few of the things we do in the marketing area are as follows:

  • The Montana Council has members of our team who is are experts in all areas of marketing – including written material, TV and newspaper media as well as all aspects of social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • We publish and annual TEAM 315 report that goes out to all Scouts, Scouters and Supporters.  It lists all Eagles, Commissioner Degrees and Certificates, Donors, etc.
  • Montana Scouts personally deliver to the Governor of the State of Montana, our annual report.
  • We have an annual TEAM 315 Meeting and Silver Beaver Banquet that is informative and FUN!  
  • We publish annual camping guides and calendars to keep parents informed.

What makes us successful? We are Scouts. We follow the Scout Law and Scout Oath. We lead by example and we are a team in setting precedent and providing the tools for the youth who are about to become the most significant leaders in our communities.

Thank you for being a part of the team. Team 315. We have a heck of a year ahead of us. I’m glad you’re a part of it and the youth in Montana thank you.

Yours in Scouting,

Greg Beach
Council President


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