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In Appreciation of YOU! Show Us Your Inner Hero!

What is Scouter Appreciation Night and Why You Should Be There!

The Montana Council is vast – roughly 147,000 square miles, and while we like to travel, we don’t always have an opportunity to reach all of our Districts or Units throughout the state.

Scouter Appreciation Night was started nearly 5 years ago to recognize all of the incredible things that happen throughout the year in the Montana Council on the backs of our hardworking volunteers.

For tickets and information << click here!

This is a themed event – and Prickly Pear our host District has chosen the theme “heroes.”  Many volunteers have chosen to dress up and represent the theme.  This is a chance for the Council to have a party in your honor.

So consider attending our 5th Annual Scouter Appreciation Night and be a part of the largest celebration in our Council.

Go Team 315!

For tickets and information << click here!


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