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“Going on a Treasure Hunt!”

Family, friends, donors, leaders and volunteers,

As Covid-19 jumped right into the middle of our fundraising season, many of our districts and units were forced to cancel fundraising events. We assure you, Scouting is going strong during this time and we anticipate a great summer at our camps and across Montana Council.

To help reach our fundraising goals, we are excited to partner with a national auction house in Bozeman and participate in an online auction.

Here is how you can help!

We are seeking items you may have stashed away or things you could donate for a great cause. We are aware that finances may be tight. Looking around our homes, however, there may be donation worthy items that could go a long way to ensure Scouting in Montana Council shines.

See examples of items of interest below.

Any item that is unusual and of interest, especially if it is old, qualifies! Your district and/or unit will receive credit for the money we raise with your item towards their Investment in Character and Leadership (ICL) goals.

This is something we will do with minimum contact and consciousness to keep us all safe during this time of social distancing.

If you have something of interest, please email Julie Evans Development Director for Montana Council, BSA, to make arrangements.

If a monetary donation is more appropriate, you can help our council during this tough time by making a gift through this link.

Thank you for supporting the youth in Montana during this tough time.

Yours in Scouting,
Montana Council, Boy Scouts of America

Examples of items:

  • Art (Bronzes, Paintings, Prints, old Photographs, sculptures, etc)
  • Native American Artifacts (Beaded items, Clothing, Moccasins, scabbards, parfleches, Pottery, Etc)
  • Old Wooden Skis (especially if they have a label)
  • Antique Signage (Petrolana, John Deere, Coke Cola, Beer- etc)
  • Antique Dolls
  • Jewelry (Navajo Turquoise and Silver, Costume, Estate or Antique, new)
  • Antique Marbles
  • Stamp Collections
  • Old Books (Especially Western ie Zane Grey, or Montana History, Buffalo Bill, Etc)
  • Old Photos of Montana- Historic Value
  • Firearms (New and used or Antique)
  • Auction house is an FFL
  • Knives- New and Antique
  • Swords
  • Old Sleds, Skates, Snowshoes, etc.
  • Antique Horse Tack and or Saddles, Saddle Bags Etc,
  • Horsehair pieces,
  • Beadwork,
  • Antique Boy Scout Items,
  • Horns, Antlers,
  • Mounts, Rugs, Antique Navajo and Oriental,
  • Antique Animal Traps,
  • Antique Furniture,
  • Store Displays,
  • Any items historic of Montana- Yellowstone Park, Glacier Park, Butte Mines, etc,
  • Signed Sports items,
  • Old Lanterns,
  • Antique Light Fixtures and Chandeliers,
  • Old metal banks, Old Coins, old paper money, stock certificates, etc,
  • Military Memorabilia- Jackets, Helmets, Weapons, Flags- Etc.,
  • Antique Toys, Wagons, Bikes, marbles, etc,
  • Fishing, old wicker creels, bamboo fly rods, reels, etc


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