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Gathering of Eagles

Something magical happened last Monday night, February 9th.

The Council was prepared to hand Larry Simkins (CEO of the Washington Corporations, the largest company in the State) the first Distinguished Eagle Scout it had presented in well over a decade. In order to be nominated for the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award, you must have been an Eagle Scout for at least 25 years, established national eminence in your chosen career field and show others that you live your life guided by the Scout Oath and Law. There is no doubt that our recipient has done all that and more. An amazing Montanan and someone we can all be proud to call a brother Scout.

But the magical part – gathered in that room among the Mullan Trail Eagle Scout and Silver Award class of 2014 also to be recognized, was our Governor, the Chief Justice of Montana, the Commissioner of Higher Education, 2 University Presidents, a Billionaire, Five Distinguished Eagle Scouts and more CEO’s and Directors than you could shake a stick at. And all of them were there to not only embrace Scouting but to show their support of what Scouting creates. Never before in Montana Scouting history have we been able to gather such an audience. No doubt, each of the Scouts that left there that night, walked a little prouder on their way home.

Distinguished Eagle EventWe sincerely appreciate the support of the sponsors for the evening and to the Washington Companies who in addition to sponsoring, provide the “Silver Cloud,” Dennis Washington’s Private train for a luncheon reception on the same day.

A great day for Montana Scouting and proof that the things that you all do, make a difference every day! Larry recounted that he never knew just how much he would come to rely on his Scouting leadership skills to do his job today.

Jory Dellinger
Chief Development Director



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