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Executive Corner: Council-Wide Roundtable

April 3, 2024 – Council-Wide Roundtable Via Zoom

Communication and getting information shared is one of the hardest challenges we face in Scouting. Sharing ideas and ways to handle or fix situations can help our leaders feel more prepared. Roundtable in each of our districts is an excellent tool to facilitate the sharing of ideas and information. In most cases, attending a roundtable can answer all your scouting questions.

We want everyone regardless of their distance from population centers to benefit from the exchange of information and ideas at strong vibrant roundtables. We are offering a new, periodic (two to three times a year) Montana Council-Wide Roundtable that all unit and district leaders from across the council are welcome to attend. Our goal is to provide information on the most critical topics of high interest to all units to supplement your district’s roundtable. Unit leaders can attend and take information back to their units.  We hope to share and discuss information critical to all units.

We are pleased to announce that on April 3, 2024, at 7 pm, we will hold the first Montana Council council-wide roundtable online using Zoom. All are invited and welcome to attend.

When: April 3, 2024 – 7:00 p.m.
Zoom Link To Attend Roundtable

Our main topic for the night will be the new registration process. We will discuss why membership fees for our council have not changed, how to use the online application process, the impact of the yearly registration, how a unit can opt to handle registration fees, and a glimpse of how recharter will work for 2025. We will also discuss how the new adult registration process works.

For questions please contact:
Craig Haynes (Roundtable Asst. Council Commissioner)
Scott Hooper (Council Commissioner)
Pat Dannenberg (Director of Field Services)

Zoom Link To Attend Roundtable
Information About Online Registration for Councils and Unit Leaders

Yours in Scouting,

Pat Dannenberg
Director of Field Services


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