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Exciting Changes Coming To Cub Scout Program

Some Key Highlights Of Upcoming Changes, Effective June 1, 2024

Effective June 1, 2024, the Cub Scout program will have a new and revised look! Over the next few months, the BSA will be publishing program updates, resources, and handbooks for all grade levels (K-5). 

Some key highlights:


The Bobcat Rank is being retired, and will be replaced by the Bobcat required adventure at all ranks. This is intended to be the first adventure of the school year at each grade, with requirements specific to that age group.

Rank Adventures

All ranks will now be earned by completing six required adventures and two optional adventures. Many adventures have been reimagined, simplified, and revised to be more engaging and age-appropriate. “High interest” adventures, such as fishing, camping, and pinewood derby are available at all ranks!

Webelos & Arrow of Light Are Now Separate Ranks

Webelos will be a 4th-grade rank and Arrow of Light will be its own rank for 5th-graders, with its own handbook. Current 4th grade Webelos SHOULD NOT begin working on Arrow of Light requirements until after 4th grade ends using the NEW AOL requirements.

The main source of information for these changes is the BSA’s Cub Scout Program Update website. Additionally, check out these Cub Chat Live podcasts with lots of great details for leaders and parents.


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