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Cub Scouts Aquatics Make a Splash

Thank You Eagle Mount and Volunteers!

Cub Scouts working on aquatics adventures at Eagle Mount.

Cub Scouts Aquatics Night was a great success Friday, Nov. 4th.  Over 44 scouts from Packs across the Mountain Valley earned their swimming elective adventures, learning things such as water safety, rescue techniques, and basic swimming strokes.  A huge thanks to the volunteers who led each den, including Diane Stovall, Megan Dannar, Jessica Bannasch, Boy Scouts James and Andy Bannasch, Greg Gilpin, Greg Garrigues and the Scouts from his troop, and to Renee Stephens and Dave Eubanks for assisting with registration.  Thank you also to Eagle Mount for use of their facility and lifeguards. 

If you want to put on a Cub Scout Aquatics event, you can find resources to do that in Screen Boosted Scouting. Intro to Aquatics is a short video introducing what is in the more detailed resources post called Delivering Cub Scout Aquatics. Just keep swimming, Scouts!


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