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Camp Cards are Here!

The camp card is a supplemental fundraising opportunity for Scouts to use to help pay their way to camp! This is the first year of the sale for us and we are piloting this to see how it goes. We hope to generate some excitement about the card and can always make changes to grow Scouts’ enthusiasm about selling.

The card is a discount card with several ways to purchase items you normally pay for at a fraction of the cost. The main discount is $7 off a $70 purchase at either Albertsons or Safeway. On the other side of the card there is a Papa John’s coupon for 25% off purchase of a regular priced order at If that wasn’t enough savings there is an Entertainment Saving Spree coupon book with coupons to Pizza Hut, Sports Authority, Ace Hardware, Payless Shoes and Family Dollar to name a few. Still if that wasn’t enough savings you also get access to ALL the digital savings from Entertainment on

The card sells for $10 and the Pack, Troop, Team, Crew or Post will keep $5 (based on meeting the sale timeline). We believe this is an excellent way for a unit to supplement its income and help their youth get to camp. If a youth sells 10 cards they have earned $50 for their unit… you can do the math to see how quickly this adds up!

The timeline for the sale is as follows:

February 1st– Commit your unit to the sale!

February Roundtable- Cards will be distributed

February 6th– Sale starts

March 15th– Sale ends

March 31st– Payment and all unsold cards are due (payment after March 31st will result in a lower commission)

Please contact your district executive or district director for a copy of the leaders guide with more information about the sale and to get your supply of cards.



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