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Be Prepared, Charter Renewal & YPT

Greetings from the Commissioner Team

Fall quickly approaches and with it, unit responsibilities.

If you ask anyone on the team, they will tell you I like the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. The last thing any of us want to be dealing with during that time is any form of Scout paperwork.

This year, I stress the importance of getting everything ready for two major unit tasks; Charter Renewal and Youth Protection Training!

Experienced unit leaders should have little issues in getting things ready and the various district Round Tables can assist those newer leaders who may not be familiar with the process and pitfalls.

Experience shows the three main items usually holding up charter renewal are:

  1. Applications missing or incomplete (usually without verification of YPT compliance)
  2. Lack of payment for all members registered in a unit
  3. Missing signatures (usually the COR’s or Institutional Head’s)

With the on-line system, the pitfalls can be a bit of a problem. The main recommendation is to print a hard copy of all paperwork and have it as a backup should the need arise. Commissioners can also review the paperwork to ensure everything is correct.

Along with the charter, every adult in a registered position (except the Institutional Head) MUST be compliant with Youth Protection Training.

For the Montana Council, this means each registered adult must have an expired date later than 31 December 2020 for the charter to be processed. The training is available on-line or through your district executive via thumb drive for a classroom presentation.

Lastly, a word about Journey to Excellence.

Each year, the commissioners are tasked with having a sit down with each unit Key 3 to assess each unit’s strengths and needs. The purpose of the JTE tool is to assist with the commissioners in having these discussions and to ask, “What would the unit like to improve on for 2020”.

I have heard this tool described as a “report card” or “district ranking system”. False!

Commissioners have the responsibility to connect units and district resources to determine units that are succeeding and can provide assistance to others, units that need assistance in one or more areas, or just to ensure units are all working to improve the program we provide to the youth of Montana.

Therefore, this tool becomes very important to the success of the council, districts, AND units when applied correctly. I would strongly encourage all unit KEY 3 to take the time to have a JTE conversation with their commissioners.

The target date to complete ALL charter renewal activities is 23 November 2019.

This means everything turned in at the Council office. Beat the last-minute rush and work this early in October. The system opens up around the 1st.

For more information, contact your district commissioner or district executive.

Gary Ely
Montana Council Commissioner & YPT Champion


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