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Author: Montana Council

Log Off. Lace Up.

For the youth in Montana, the Boy Scouts of America is an antidote to too much screen time which can lead to adverse health outcomes, including sleep problems, obesity, and a range of mental health issues.

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My Time At NAYLE

NAYLE was an eye-opening experience of what Scouting really is. Everything they taught us had a sense of purpose to carry on in life outside Scouting.

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50 Miles For 50 Years

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Troop 676, an all-male Scouts BSA troop in Bozeman, Mont., a group of dedicated Scouts and Scoutmasters undertook

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SE Corner: Thanks For An Incredible Summer

What a summer it has been. We successfully navigated the waters of two summer camp operations, a high-adventure base, National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT), and Jamborees. That is one busy summer. I’m grateful for everyone who played a part in providing life-changing experiences for Scouts in Montana. Thank you for your involvement.

I would like to give a special shoutout to a few individuals who made Scouting especially successful this summer.

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Welcome To The 2023 Popcorn Sale

Hold on to your hats – we’re “Popping our Way to the Top” and $1.3 million is in our sights! Our popcorn team looks forward to a successful 2023 so we can help every Scout and every unit fund their Scouting adventure.

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