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A Picture To Reflect 1,000 Adventures

Scouting In Montana Is An Open Invitation To Montana's Grandeur

2023 Photo Contest, 3rd Place Adult Division: Eric Henderson, Troop 1911, Missoula; Spring migration Freezeout Lake

I’m particularly partial to the still image. We’ve all witnessed the growth and evolution of video through media, driven mostly by social media, mobile streaming, and advertising.

I do believe a still image resonates with us differently. It gives us time to process, reflect, focus, and contemplate. Neurologists believe that still images have deep connections with human memory and at a glance can evoke memories and emotions from our subconscious. Our brains are incredibly efficient at storing images and specific visual qualities associated with moments in our lives.

This is all to say – I love the Montana Council Photo Contest.

Scouting in Montana is a kind of open invitation to the splendors and grandeur of Montana backyards. Over the past years, we’ve been able to catch a glimpse of the amazing moments and adventures our Scouting community gets to experience. Whether it’s hiking and camping, a summer service project, or summer camp at Camp Melita Island or K-M Scout Ranch, sharing these moments resonates in a special way. It’s a way to SHOW what impact Scouting has on our youth and community rather than TELL.

As we head into the summer, I would like to encourage Scouts and Scouters of all ages to participate in our photo contest. We do use images on our social media channels and in some print materials, such as we try to feature as many as possible in our council calendar.

Our favorite images we receive demonstrate the Scouting story. We absolutely love those special moments between Scouts and peers, but even when it’s a photo of a rainbow, a waterfall, or a mountain vista, the adventure behind the frame reverberates in our own memories.

The deadline is Jan. 22, 2024.

There are prizes for the top three youth and the top three adult entries as well as one Grand Prize winner (Youth or Adult Divisions) – and there’s “extra credit” for those showing Scouts in BSA uniform.

We have two ways to submit images. Visit the Photo Contest page for contest and email submission guidelines. You can also use our online submission form to send directly from your mobile device.

Of course, we are also hypervigilant in making sure the images demonstrate and reflect best practices and the Guide to Safe Scouting. We appreciate your attention to this detail as well and wish you a wonderful summer of excuses to make amazing photographs.

Yours in Scouting,

Lido Vizzutti
Director of Marketing and Communication


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