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2021 Anniversary Month Contest Winners

Announcing the Montana Council Anniversary Month Contest winners, 2021.


Winning Crew:  Crew 2206, Helena
Winning Troop:  Troop 141, Sidney
Winning Pack:  Pack 3081, Billings

Crew 2206, Helena

Service Project: Cleaning birdhouses and duck boxes at the Helena Valley Regulating Reservoir. (It was 4 degrees when we did the project!)

A  display in the Our Lady of the Valley Catholic church thanking them for providing us a meeting place.

A video about what we like about Scouts.

Mayor Proclamation for Scout Day from the Mayor of East Helena.

Participated in the PricklyPear districts Scout Month event,  a Scavenger hunt with 111 items/activities to do.

Promoted/promoting our Messenger of Peace Project, Scouts Trash The Trash Day. As of today, 373 Scout groups from around the world have signed

Troop 141, Sidney

Published various news articles that were locally with Troop’s picture and information about Boy Scout Week.

Arranged to have a proclamation signed by the mayor declaring February 7-13, 2021 Boy Scout Week. 

See news clippings and the signed proclamation.

Celebrated Scout Week by attending church in uniforms and volunteered to usher for Scout Sunday.    

Performed a flag ceremony for a group other than their troop.

Pack 3081, Billings

Pack 3081, Billings, participated in Scouting for Food, Scout Sunday and wore uniforms to school during February. 

As a Pack, they collected 976 pounds of food for the food bank! (Number one in the District.) They had 35 Scouts participate in at least one of the three days it takes to put the event together. The temperature on collection day was 5 degrees and they had 8 inches of snow. They still had 21 Scouts bundled up with their families and sleds to serve the community.

Multiple Scouts participated in Scout Sunday by serving drinks at their church, holding the door for members and even watching from home because of COVID. Things looked different this year, but they were all Reverent in their own ways.”

Learn more about the Anniversary Month Contest here.

The Boy Scouts of America was founded on February 8, 1910. To celebrate, Montana Council offers an Anniversary Month Contest during the month of February.

Any Montana Council unit can earn a beautiful purple Honor Unit streamer for their unit flag pole by completing any TWO of the following eight activities during February:

1. Create a short (approximately 30 seconds) video “Why We like Scouting!”
2. Conduct a service project
3. Attend a religious service, wearing your BSA uniforms on Scout Sunday (February 9) or Scout Sabbath (February 7) or another Sunday in February, as determined by your faith organization
4. Create a BSA display in a business window
5. Perform a flag ceremony for a school, service group, governmental meeting, or care facility
6. Write a letter to the Editor. Thank your community for their support of Scouting and name a few of your unit’s service projects
7. Secure a Proclamation from a governmental official, recognizing February 8 as Boy Scouts of America Day
8. Wear your BSA uniforms to school one day2020 Anniversary Month Contest Winners


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