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Four Reasons To Attend Annual Convention

Dear Scouting Friends,

This special edition of the Council Newsletter is devoted to the fast-approaching Montana Council Annual Convention, which will be held April 29-30 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Missoula.

This article will focus why, with your busy schedule and hectic lives, you should attend this annual gathering of our Council. While there are many potential reasons, I have boiled it down to four key reasons: Information, Inspiration, Fellowship and Fun.

Information: This gathering is designed for Scouters from throughout the state to come and learn best practices on a variety of Scouting issues. Take a moment to review the training offerings and you are sure to find topics that interest you. Those leading the sessions are highly experienced leaders in their fields, and their sessions are sure to give you new ideas and insights you can use in your Scouting job. There will also be special information about the Council and announcements of exciting news and plans for the future!

Inspiration: At this convention you will join in honoring dedicated Scouters as they receive praise and recognition for outstanding contributions in their areas of service, and learn about a variety of recent Scouting success stories from around the state. Guaranteed to charge your Scouting batteries.

Fellowship: Montana is a big place, and the annual convention is the one time of the year when we gather Scouting leaders from all around the state. Montana Scouters are among the greatest folks you will ever meet – experienced leaders will renew friendships, and newer leaders will make connections that expand your Scouting network. Fellowship at convention is world-class.

Fun: Every Scouting gathering should be fun, right? Well, Convention is fun-squared, at the very least! It starts Friday with the Scouter Appreciation Night, and it won’t end until you head for home. There is truly something for everyone.

In summary – Montana Council Annual Convention – don’t miss it!

Yours in Scouting,

Gordon Rubard
Scout Executive/CEO


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