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Welcome To The 2023 Popcorn Sale

"Popping Our Way To The Top"

Dear Scouts, Scouters, and Parents,

To those returning Unit Popcorn Kernels, thank you for supporting your unit once again. To new Unit Popcorn Kernels, welcome aboard! 2022 was an excellent year, as Montana Council sold $1.3 million in luscious popcorn. Our goal was one million dollars, and you all crushed it!

Boy Scouts of America councils from across the nation asked, “What is your secret sauce?” I attribute it to a few things: customers and families thankfully emerging from COVID-19, highly motivated Scouts & parents, high-adventure opportunities for units, and a friendly staff of experienced and dedicated Popcorn Kernels. All these components together formed a phenomenal year.

Popcorn revenue benefits each unit and helps reduce costs for all our Scouting families. When your unit chooses to sell popcorn, you help your families. Thank you.

This year, our new motto is “Popping our Way to the Top!” Our goal is set at $1.3 million. Our popcorn team has worked hard this “off-season,” and we are offering some exciting new items to the product line-up. In 2023, we will once again offer a top-of-the-line, high-value prize program, and units will continue to receive the commission rate at 30% for in-person sales. In addition, there will be Fill it Up and Win prize drawings daily.

This is all possible because of our success last year. So, hold on to your hats … we’re “Popping our Way to the Top” and $1.3 million is in our sights! Our popcorn team looks forward to a successful 2023 so we can help every Scout and every unit fund their Scouting adventure.

We will be updating the Popcorn Sale event page with the most up-to-date information. If you have further questions, email

Yours in Scouting,
Montana Council Popcorn Team 


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