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Unit Rechartering

Hello, Scouters!

On October 1st, 2018, the unit recharter system became active to start the 2019 registration process.

The online system is ready for you to log in and complete the process: Log Into Internet Rechartering Here.

You all should have your packet in hand. However, if you do not, please make sure you contact your local District Executive and they will make sure you receive that. The deadline to have that process completed was October 30th.

Please do not worry if you are behind, but make sure you get with your unit as soon as possible to complete the process. Our goal is to have them completed by November 15th. As the holidays approach, it becomes increasingly difficult to find time to complete this process and gather the necessary signatures. Let’s do our best to make the November 15th deadline!

Once the process is finished at the unit level, they go on to the council office in Great Falls to process in the national system.

It does take a bit of time for our registrar to go through those. If you need assistance with your paperwork, please schedule a meeting with your Unit Commissioner or District Executive.

If you have questions, please contact your local service center and they will get you the contact information you need.

Thank you to everyone for all you do!


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