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Training: Did you know … ?

Training is always a focus for our leaders, and we have heard, “Every Scout deserves a trained leader.”  It seems harder and harder, however, to fit training into our busy schedules.

Adding to it, every time we attempt the on-line training, it can either take too long or we run into technical issues loading the various modules.

Lastly, when we look at how MUCH training is required, it stands that folks feel they don’t want to be bothered. After all, we all know how to do the unit leadership thing, right?

While the number of courses can feel insurmountable, in reality, the four modules most unit leaders need to accomplish can be taken online with an investment of about 2 to 3 hours.

Given that each module can be taken in chunks – with the system remembering where the student left off – it is easier now than ever to finish any mandatory training.  And each module covers a number of the “courses” required.

Secondly, we need to understand that in our organization in particular – voluntary or professional –parents demand their children’s coaches, mentors and teachers to be (and demonstrate) they are well trained. There is truly no excuse to not participate in courses that make us better leaders.

So where to start?

Since about 2018, Hazardous Weather Training was added to the mandatory training requirement. This simple course takes about 20-30 minutes to complete on-line.

Granted, here in Montana, we don’t get many hurricanes. Thunderstorms, Tornados, Flash Floods, etc. – yep, we get those.  As a trained Meteorologist, I can say the course provides unit leaders with the basic information to keep your unit safe.

So training is essential to the success of the unit and the safety of our youth.  Don’t be afraid you might learn something new or might have some questions answered.

Break the cycle and get trained in 2020 – it is the right thing to do for the youth of the Montana Council.

– Gary A. Ely is Montana Council Commissioner


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