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The Call Of The Wild

Dear Scouting Friends,

Summer is here and Scouts from every corner of the state are starting to hear and feel the Call of the Wild. They are being drawn to life in the outdoors, and there is no better place than right here in Montana to experience Scouting outdoor adventure.

Is your unit ready to take full advantage of a magical Montana summer? Montana Council has something special for every Scout.

Cub Scouts – Are your Cub Scouts registered and fired up for Day Camp? There are Cub Scout Day Camps planned in nearly every area. These camps are planned and organized by enthusiastic, well-trained leaders and designed to be fun and exciting for all who participate. Webelos are urged to sign up for Resident Camps at either Grizzly Base, located outside Bigfork, or at K-M Scout Ranch near Lewistown.

Boy Scouts – A week of BSA summer camp provides more high quality, high impact Scouting than many months of school-time Scouting. Amazing opportunities abound at K-M and Melita Island. It’s not too late to sign up. There are still great campsites available, particularly at K-M. New program features at K-M – including ATVs, COPE, and STEM – provide new challenges and enthusiasm.

Also new this summer at K-M, provisional Scouts troops are available each week of camp. This means that one or more Scouts from any troop can sign up and come to camp individually. Well-trained, experienced Scouters will provide leadership to these provisional troops. This allows a Scout to have a great week of camp even if the troop is not going as a unit, or provide a second week of camp for an ambitious Scout.

Venturers – How about a week of camp at K-M? With all the new program opportunities noted above, along with the traditional favorites such as shooting sports, nature, aquatics, etc., there is something cool for every Venturer.

Advanced Training – Scout Troops and Venture Crews, are all your youth leaders fully trained for their leadership roles? If not National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is the answer. Both courses have outstanding staffs and there is still time to sign up if you act right now.

High Adventure – For older Scouts and Venturers looking for world-class wilderness and high adventure nothing tops Montana High Adventure Base (MOHAB) with backpacking and pack-rafting journeys based from the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch located outside of Depuyer right on the Rock Mountain Front. MOHAB is sold-out this summer, so now is the time to plan and get organized for 2017.

Financial Aid – Generous donors have provided funding to help Scouts with financial needs. While we do not provide full camp scholarships to any Scout we do give significant support to a growing number of Scouts from families with challenging financial circumstances. Working together the council, the Scout, his/her family, the unit and their chartered partner can make a day camp, resident camp, training camp or high adventure experience a reality for every Scout.

For information or to apply contact Michelle Ferguson in the Great Falls office at: 406-761-6000 :

The Call of the Wild is a powerful force. Let’s work together so that every Scout can answer The Call with an incredible outdoor experience.

Have a great Montana Scouting summer!

Yours in Scouting,

Gordon Rubard
Scout Executive/CEO


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