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Summer Camp Story Winners

Congratulations 2016 Summer Camp Story Winners!

We received some wonderful stories shared with us from this past summer’s adventures. After our drawing, congratulations to Jeff Wilke (adult entry) and Severin H. (youth entry).

Here is what they shared:

Severin H.

Dear Montana Council,

My name is Severin H., I am currently a member of Pack 430 out of Chester Montana. I am a first year Webelo, and just attended four days at Grizzly Base Camp, and had a blast!

My first class was Earth Rocks which was good, we finished early. So after lunch, I went to Aquatics Class and that was awesome! I became an Aquanaut! My favorite thing was being in a Kayak! One man vs. two man was even better! Nate, Andy, and Alex were very good teachers! They made it a lot of fun while covering the information I needed to know!

After supper, my Pack went down and visited Woody and the crew at the shooting sports arena. My other favorite thing to do, my first round shooting the B.B. guns and I shot a score of 71, and out shot my mom! I haven’t had a lot of experience with B.B. guns so that was a pretty good score. We also shot with the bow and arrows, which my mom out shot me at that station.

The next day we went to Castaway, and made up a game and learned how to start a fire and we made “orange cake”.  We also learned the rules to finding a place to make camp if you get lost. We got done a little early, so we all went down to Aquatics again before supper.

At the opening, lunch and closing ceremonies, before meals we listened and learned a lot of songs, and chants. The Crew made it a lot of fun! Can’t wait to come back next year!

Thanks for the experience!

Jeff Wilke

Troop 1903 from Lakeside/Kalispell spent a week at Camp Easton in Idaho this summer.

While sitting around the campfire one evening, talking about the days activities and what each Scout was working on and highlights and challenges, one of our scouts talked about his work in the Chess Merit Badge Class.

The class was in the Eagle Quest category so he communicated to the group that he was excited about earning it because it was an “Eagle required” Merit badge. He stood firm in his conviction that it was, even though everyone else in the group assured him it wasn’t.

He was so sure, he challenged everyone that if it was a required badge, they would have to do the Polar Bear Plunge in Lake Coeur d’Alene the next morning and if he was wrong he would do the Polar Bear Plunge.

We quickly looked it up and confirmed to him that it was not Eagle Required.

He spent that night out “sleeping” in the woods for Wilderness Survival and returned at 5:30 am- exhausted. At 6:00 am, he reluctantly got up, but lived out the first point of the Scout law – Trustworthy – and took the plunge.

It was a great week with great memories, lessons learned, and ideals walked out.

Thanks to everyone who submitted. Keep those stories coming our way!


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