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SE Dirk Smith, The Road Ahead

I am honored and excited to officially be on the clock as Montana Council’s Scout Executive.

The road ahead is paved with potential and positive possibilities for Scouting in Montana.

We are advancing our camps in singular ways not seen in council’s our size across the country. Our volunteers are the finest we could ask for and continue to awe us with their dedication. The Staff continues to impress with their commitment to not simply the Council but their devotion to the youth is unparalleled. And our donors continue to demonstrate that Scouting in Montana means something.

There is a swell in pride for Scouting across the state. It is palatable in each instance mentioned above. I feel that same pride in continuing my Scouting journey with Montana Council with each of you who are on this journey with me.

The road ahead is never smooth and never straight, but it is has a solid foundation with a committed crew to help us from here to the horizon.

Yours in Scouting,
Dirk Smith


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