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SE Corner: Most Valuable Asset

Every Scout Deserves A Well-Trained Leader

In my opinion, the most valuable asset we have against the breakdown of morals and values in our society is well-trained Scout leaders.

Think about that. Volunteers delivering a dynamic and well-thought-out program make Scouting more exciting and accessible to those seeking a great experience.  Monthly outings and dynamic unit engagement with youth and parents lead to a better experience for everyone.

I am a fan of training. Not so much as your Scout Executive, but as a former trainer. Some of my favorite memories of Scouting are the training we conducted, to be the best team we could be in our local units.  

If you don’t have training activities, reach out to your district leaders and ask for them. Undoubtedly, the demand can drive the action and we all benefit.

Even the simple task of searching for position-specific training online can lead you down a rabbit hole of opportunities. After all, every youth deserves a well-trained leader!

To those of you who embrace the challenge and do all you can to provide the best possible program – thank you!

Here’s to a great fall and a great recruiting season. Here’s to Team 315.

Yours in Scouting,

Jory Dellinger
Scout Executive and CEO


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