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SE Corner: Greatness Starts With A Vision

“The Fabelmans” & Michelle Ferguson Recognition

Happy Holidays. I wish the very best for you and yours during this season.

I took my family to “The Fabelmans” movie this past weekend (a loose autobiography of filmmaker Stephen Spielberg). Unsurprisingly the movie is very well done. (According to my aspiring filmmaker daughter, the lighting and camerawork are exceptional.)  

During the film, the young character is shown in Scout uniform and several Scouting references are made throughout the story. It depicts the innocent and non-innocent actions of young boys during that era. It also shows how the Photography merit badge launched not only a career but, ultimately, one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

Greatness starts with a dream or a vision. The more energy you put into that dream or vision, the more likely and the more quickly it can become a reality.  

I couldn’t help but make a correlation to the Montana Council. Past Council President Chuck Eubank envisioned where we could go as a council. Not only did we meet that vision – we expanded on it. 

We are starting to put a lot of energy into that expanded vision. The board has committed to providing the best camping facilities and programs in the Northwest. We are committed to building the best council staff that we can have to lend the best support possible to the volunteers we serve. All of this is to give Scouts in Montana the best possible experience.  

Think about the Scouts you know and work with. Who will become the next Stephen Spielberg, Mike Rowe or Sam Walton? Fame aside, consider a Scout who, more importantly, achieves personal success while living a life guided by the Scout Oath and Law. It isn’t hard to put energy into our vision when we know the outcome is so valuable.

As we approach the year-end of the best year (in membership and financially) that we have had in the past five years – I have one more recognition that needs to be addressed.

Michelle Ferguson is retiring this week after 25 years of service. Michelle is the longest-tenured employee in Montana Council history. She has either directly or indirectly touched each and every one of us reading this article. 

I want to say a huge “THANK YOU” to Michelle on behalf of all of us. 

Since 1997, Michelle has run our annual popcorn sale that has generated over $42 million in revenue – the vast majority going back to the units selling. Her impact will be known forever and be assured, Michelle will be missed. I cannot think of a better way to send her off than to keep building this organization and serving more youth on her behalf.

My very best to each and every one of you,

Jory Dellinger
Scout Executive and CEO


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