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SE Corner: Food Drive, Convention & Summer Camp

Thank you to everyone that attended the Montana Council Annual Convention, either in person or virtually. What an incredible time. We got to recognize many exceptional volunteers and hand out numerous well-deserving awards.

Congratulations to everyone and to all our 2020 and 2021 Silver Beavers that were recognized. Thank you to the staff that brought everything together. Jory Dellinger, Deputy Scout Executive/COO, Michelle Ferguson Executive Assistant and Office Manager, Stacie Cline, Special Events Coordinator, Lido Vizzutti, Council Marketing Specialist and Photographer/Technology, and all of the staff that helped with this wonderful convention.

This year was a challenge as participants had to hop in and out to conduct presentations and we were limited with face-to-face participation. Outstanding job to all!

Congratulations all goes out to everyone who participated in the Great Falls Annual Food Drive for the Great Falls Food Bank. It was one of the most successful drives that they have had in years. More than 21,000 pounds of food collected.

Thank you to Ruth Fischer and Leona Walker, who chaired the drive. Also, thank you to our Council VP of Public Relations Mary Matelich. They all did an outstanding job!

Finally, we look forward to another safe and successful summer camp season. Beautiful K-M Scout Ranch has openings for the 4th week of camp, August 8-14. Do not miss out on an incredible experience for young women and young men at this state-of-the-art camp.

Camp Director John Brault and the staff have a great program planned for the summer with inspiring and fun activities for the Scouts and Scouters! (Do not miss out on our Camp Commissioner, Julie Hille’s famous homemade pies!)

Thank you, everyone, for all that you do for Scouting. Let us continue to GROW in 2021!


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