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SE Corner: First Hand, Scouting Matters

If you have attended our annual convention in the last three years you have heard me talk about my grandson Rory. He lives in West Lynn, Oregon, a suburb of Portland.

Scouting has played an enormous role in Rory’s life. His life-changing Scouting experiences were made possible by his Cub Pack and Scout Troop, supported by a strong Chartered Partner and dozens of committed leaders and parents. Together they gave Rory the opportunity to learn and grow and go the distance as a Scout.

Rory’s trail from Tiger Cub to Eagle Scout has been filled with fun, friendships, and adventure. He has learned many skills and grown in leadership.

The trail has had some twists, turns, and obstacles, particularly as he went from Life to Eagle. The permits and approvals for his Eagle service project we’re especially challenging.

Of course, being a busy high school senior and having his 18th birthday looming only added to the pressure. He persevered, however, completing his project and submitting his application just under the wire, earning his Eagle Scout Award….whew!

On Monday of this week, Ellie and I attended Rory’s Eagle Court of Honor. I was delighted to give the Eagle Charge and Promise and surprised to receive the relatively new grandparent pin … pretty cool pin, by the way.

Two days later, on Wednesday, Rory and his two sisters Dara and Ellen, all graduated from high school … yes, they are triplets.

It is safe to say this has been a big week for our family!

In a few days, Rory will head to a Boy Scout summer camp where he will serve as a waterfront instructor. He plans to remain active in his troop as an assistant scoutmaster.

As you can see, your role in Scouting is vital and pays great dividends in the lives of the Scouts we serve. Need proof. Just ask me.

Thank you for your involvement in Scouting. It matters!

Yours in Scouting,

Gordon Rubard
Scout Executive/CEO


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