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SE Corner: Convention Reflections

Thank you to all who attended or helped with the Montana Council Convention last week!  The event was an enormous success and a wonderful time was had by all.

It was delightful making new friends and reuniting with old friends.  If you ever get a chance to attend a Montana Council Convention I highly recommend it.

Northern Hotel – where the convention was held – was highly complimentary of all the Scouters and wishing all their event participants were as helpful and kind as our Scouters.

I was pleased to tell the manager: it is not simply how Scouts behave, it is who we are.

The presenters at the breakout sessions did an outstanding job training the participants in a variety of interesting and valuable subjects.  Thank you for passing along your knowledge and skills to your fellow Scouters.

The dinner meetings were full of energy and excitement, celebrating the many successes of the Montana Council in 2017 and looking forward to continuing the tradition of great Scouting in Montana in 2018.

The Montana Council was again fortunate to have a member of the National Key 3, this time the Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh, as our guest throughout the Convention and as Keynote speaker closing the Convention.

Chief Surbaugh spent a significant amount of time listening to our wonderful volunteers and was very impressed with the Montana Council’s dedicated Scouters.  He understands what it takes to bring Scouting to a rural state and acknowledged Montanans do it as well as any council.

Congratulations to our new Silver Beaver and North Star Award recipients, all well deserved.

To see images from the 2018 Montana Council Annual Convention, check us out on Flickr:
Images from the 7th Annual Scouter Appreciation Night
2018 Convention Breakout Sessions, Speakers & More

See you at the next Montana Council Convention in Fairmont next April.

Yours in Scouting

Don Bean
Scout Executive/CEO


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