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SE Corner: A Landmark Moment

What an exciting time for the Boy Scouts of America – welcoming young girls to the ranks of our Cub Scout program!  A time where, as a movement, will be able to instill the values found in the Scout Oath and Law to an entirely new group of youth.

A time where character development, citizenship responsibility and personal fitness will be expanded two-fold. A time when developing leadership skills in young people can now be shared with girls.

This is a landmark moment for Scouting and we need to embrace it for all its worth and potential.

It has been difficult for me to watch the decline of Scouting participation throughout our country over the past 5 decades.  I know that it is preaching to the choir when I reiterate how important Scouting is to our youth.

Montana has fought the decline and has a stable membership, with tiny growth, but if the early reports of this seasons recruiting hold true, we are fixing to buck the national trend.

All over the council, our sign-up nights and recruitments are including girls and increasing the number of male participants from previous years.

I have been approached by several folks asking if this decision is a good one. To be honest, I see it as a necessary step in the world today.

Despite what media may have led you to believe, this was a decision to support families first and foremost. Families are desperate in today’s busy world for something they can do together as a family.

I see this leading to additional volunteers as well as members, gone are the days when parents have to split duties and head in opposite directions with two or more children. I would have enjoyed my own families experience even more if this had been available during my tenure as a Cubmaster.

So – be prepared for the ride of your Scouting life. Be a positive and participating player in this transformation of the Boy Scouts of America. We have an incredible product to offer and we make an incredible difference in the life of a child, and how now effectively doubled the number of youth we can reach.

Scout Me In –

Jory Dellinger
Interim Scout Executive


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