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Scouting With My Granddaughter


I recently attended the Black Otter District Cub Scout day camp on the beautiful Kuhlman Ranch near Billings, Montana, with my granddaughter. This was her very first Cub Scout activity and she loved it!

As the mother of four Eagle Scout sons, this was my “second round” of leading young people at day camp. I enjoyed serving as a “Walk Around” leader and meeting the amazing Scouters, Scout BSA members who served as junior leaders, and the Cub Scouts. 

Our granddaughter spent three days learning to tie knots (slip, square, and 2 half hitches) and safely use a jackknife; shooting a wrist rocket, bow and arrow, and bb gun; hiking; playing games and learning silly songs with new friends, and making her first piece of leatherwork. She demonstrated reverence and respect during the Flag Retirement ceremony. 

Seeing her smile when she was playing new games with new friends and learning new skills – especially the slip knot – was rewarding for both her and me, as a grandmother and Scouter.

I witnessed her expanding her boundaries while in a very safe environment. She loves to set goals, get things done, and check them off in her Bear book – each an important skill to learn at any age but even better when they become habits so early.

The Cub Scout program is a great fit for her. She’s already looking forward to next year and wants to attend both day camp and Webelos resident camp at K-M Scout Ranch!

If you are reading this, you might be a dedicated leader, a supportive parent of a BSA Scout, or a financial supporter. (Thank you for all that YOU do for the BSA!) 

However, if you are new to Scouting, I strongly suggest you consider the benefits of the BSA program for your child. I have personally seen the positive effects on my children, in our family, and, through their service to others, in our community.

These were priceless moments with my granddaughter at her first Cub Scout activity. I hope what I have witnessed firsthand will help light the spark of Cub-Scouting adventure for a family.

For more information visit, email, or call 406-541-1009. Seeing your smiling face in a BSA uniform will be awesome!

Yours in Scouting,

Mary Matelich
Vice-President Public Relations, Montana Council, BSA



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